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How do I upload an image or mp3?

Visit the media section in your Control Panel and click on "file upload" or click here. This page will instruct you how to go about uploading a file.

How do I add text to my profile page?

Add text by going to the profile section in your Control Panel and press the link that says "profile text." Or just click here.

My profile page is not appearing in the search results when I search my location.

Occasionally our geo-coding service returns bad latitude and longitude coordinates. If you think there is a problem please contact us and a site administrator will process your location manually.

When I try to enroll or edit my location, it says "your address does not exist."

We use an online service to geocode addresses for distance based search purposes. This service does not allow any apartment or suite numbers in the street field. Be sure to enter an apartment or suite number in the appropriate field.

Why am I unable to listen to audio clips?

You need to have Quicktime installed on your computer to listen to audio on members' profile pages. You can download Quicktime here.

My profile page does not show up in search engine results.

Your profile page may not appear in search results until your page has been indexed by the major search engines. This can take up to a week in some cases. Also, if you live in a region that is heavily populated with people who teach the same instrument as you, your page may appear further in the results. We are constantly working to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) of our members' pages.