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Kristen Smith


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Austin, TX


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Enthusiastic Piano Lessons

Teaching students fills my days with joy while engaging my creativity. In my studio, I focus on tailoring lessons to a child’s learning style. For younger students, each lesson incorporates creative manipulatives and games to encourage success and provide a fun environment for learning. In my experience, the best lessons and the best playing happen when we are having the best time. The highlights of a piano lesson are seeing a child’s feeling of accomplishment and watching a love for music grow. I look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with your child that goes beyond a year of piano lessons. My desire is to foster a journey that progresses from playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to playing Mozart sonatas.
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Why should my child take piano lessons?

Because playing piano requires learning both the treble and bass clefs, piano is the perfect foundational instrument for establishing musical literacy for all of one’s life. Learning piano helps students become well- rounded individuals who enjoy playing music. In addition, the character of discipline and perseverance, which are developed through practicing piano, are applicable in other areas of a student’s life.

What teaching method is used?
For younger students I often use the Suzuki method as this method trains students’ ears to listen to the music they play. I also believe it is important to help students become proficient music readers. During lessons I incorporate theory, music appreciation, and parental involvement. I teach beginners as well as advanced students.

What ages do you teach?
I teach students ages 3 through adult. I enjoy introducing the building blocks of music to very young children as well as guiding and encouraging older students in their musical study.

Do you teach intermediate or transfer students?
Yes. If your child has taken lessons previously, please give me a call. I would enjoy discussing your needs

How long are lessons?
Lessons for beginners are usually 30 minutes. More advanced students may need 45 minutes.

Do I need a piano?
Students must have an instrument available for practice between their lessons. An acoustic piano is preferable over an electric piano or keyboard.

What additional music experiences do you offer?
I have prepared students for ADMTA theory tests, piano festivals, as well as Suzuki workshops. All my students perform in a studio recital each semester.

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